Multi Room Audio Entertainment System M-ZAES®

Music is the heart and sole of the current trends. In a family, kids want to listen to Rock and at the same time Grand parents want to listen to some devotional etc. To meet these requirements of all the generations M-ZAES® is evolved. It is a radical way of listening the music in Homes, restaurants, Hotels etc. There is no restriction of listening same song in all zones/rooms. Users can listen to different song in each Zone or Room according to their own taste.

M-ZAES®, the Multi Room Audio System will provide the centralized music to your Home/Hotel/Restaurant/Park, where you can run different music in different zones/rooms or same music in all. It will provide BIG storage space where user can store all of audio collection, at the same time it can take minimum 3 source inputs through which user can connect the TV or Dock or DVD or Radio and access the same in different zones independently. Even user can give MIC input which can be used as source of announcements in the whole building.
M-ZAES® Server

Few HIGHLIGHTS of the M-ZAES® product:

  1. 2 or 5 or 8 Streams of player, extendable to many Streams
  2. 2 AUX Source Inputs, extendable to 5 Sources, any input can be accessed in all zones
  3. On Device Meory of 1TB and etendable to 2TB
  4. Multiple sources liek YouTube, Saavn, Gaana, TuneIn, ShoutCast Radios
  5. Use your Mobile Phone device to make live announcements in any zone
  6. Free Apps for iOS or Android or Windows based Phones or Tablets to Control the system
M-ZAES® is a feature rich product, Where user has the flexibility to operate on any zone or source input in a single touch.
Each Zone is Flexible to
  1. Play from on Device storage, YouTube, Saavn, Raaga, TuneIn, ShoutCast radios
  2. Have Own Playlist, Unlimited playlists for a zone
  3. Scheduler or Alram feature to schedule the music to start playing automatically anytime in a day
  4. Repeat, Suffle features
  5. Listen to FM Radio or TV or Dock Station through AUX inputs
  6. Do Master Volume Control or Single Volume Control and Mute
  7. Do Effects Control, 10 band equalizer with 20 presets
  8. USB download and Network Bulk Transfer
  9. PARTY MODE and Link Rooms in a single touch
TOP, FRONT, BACK views of Music Server for 5 Zones:
Top view
Back View
Side View

Below are the specifications of the Music Server for 8 Zones:

M-ZAES® Server Specifications
Manufacturer Desti
Manufacturer Product No M-ZAES®
Dimensions H*4cms,W*23cms,D*17cms
Weight Less than 1 Kg
Outputs 8 Stereo analog, each with dual RCA jacks, extendable to many stereo
Inputs 4 Stereo analog, each with dual RCA jacks, extendable
Control Network Interface Wi-Fi
Control Port LAN
Control Device iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or any Android tablet PC/Smart phone
Main Keys Power
Music Downloading Port USB 2.0 compatible, Network Share
HDD Size 500 GB extendable to multiple TB
File formats supported All popular formats like mp3,wma,flac,ogg,aac,mpeg-4,3gp,wav,m4a
MP3, 32 to 320 Kbps, any sample rate like 8K, 16k, 22k, 44.1k, 48k, 96k etc.
WMA for 48 Kbps to192 Kbps
WAV (uncompressed linear PCM), 16-bit, any sample rates
Preamplified outputs Variable Output 0-2.4V
Preamplified outputs Fixed Output 1.0V RMS
Preamplified outputs Impedance 22k Ohms
Power requirements 240 VAC
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