M-ZAES Installation and Support

Multi Zone Audio system installation is very easy to handle, even new person who doesn't haveany audio expertise can also install the system. Only speaker wires need to be run in each zone.
  1. Need to run separate speaker wires in each room from M-ZAES location (see green wires)
  2. Run input cable from different places like TV etc. (see red wires)
House View

M-ZAES Wireless Solution

If your home is already built up and cann't run wires now, don't WORRY! we have Wireless Speakers Solution. So Get rid of the speaker wires, be hassle free and still have lots of FUN!!!

We can assure 24x7 support to all our customers.

M-ZAES Setup Diagram

Set up View
For more information mail to : info@m-zaes.com