How does M-zaes work? ?
M-zaes server is designed to work with an existing Wi-Fi router in a Home/Hotel/Restaurant/Park, and with a free Music Controller app operating on an Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and web browser.The mzeas app allows access to a variety of content sources and controls the playback.
  Does M-zaes product support Apple AirPlay ?
M-zaes supports airplay. You can stream content from your iOS device or Mac to a MusicCast device using AirPlay. you can also link funtion for Airplay.
  Does M-zaes support DLNA and Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives? ?
Yes. All MusicCast devices support DLNA, allowing access to DLNA-compatible computers and network attached storage (NAS) devices.
  M-zaes can be control by voice commands?
Yes, Its supports and control with voice commands.
These basic commands include power on/off, volume control, play/pause/skip/previous, mute/unmute and input selection.
   M-zaes supports sleep timer?
Yes, You can duration in mzaes app with your own playlist.You can also create playlist from youtube, could and Your own mobile devices also.
  What makes a whole home audio system sound great??
There are plenty of factors to consider, but the first step is usually picking out quality speaker components with M-zaes audio Amplifier.
  Does M-zaes have own amplifier?
M-zaes comes with server and amplifier with multi functionlities revendeurs.
  About Warranty & Services?
We reserve the right to repair or replace, Upto one year service provided with free of cost.
  What are the unique functionlaties deos m-zaes contain?
  • Play your favorite music to any room from your M-zaes app(iOS, Andriod ,Windows and web browser) on your mobile.
  • Play a Preset in a specific room.
  • Play/pause/resume/shuffle and skip tracks.
  • Adjust volume and effects in specific room.
  • Schedule Music
  • Link All rooms
  • Voice Control
  • Lock your zone
  • Play the same music everywhere.
  • Find out what’s playing.
  • Listen from music server or TV or DVD Or Dock staion or Online radios or Mobile storage
  • Turn on/off.
  • info@m-zaes.comFor Quick support.