M-ZAES ® Amplifier

Takes the pre amplified signal from the Server and boost the signal to the desired range. This Amplifier is designed by the experts to give the crystal clear Audio output which makes the system best in its class. It has smart control technology inside which makes your speaker safe and protected even in worst case scenarios.
Front View
Rear View

Below are the specifications of the Amp for 8 Zones:

M-ZAES ® Amplifier Specifications
Manufacturer Desti
Manufacturer Product No M-ZAES® Amplifier
Dimensions H*4",W*17",D*14"
Weight 12 Kg
Sources 8 Stereo (16 channels)
Source Input Impedance 22 K ohms
Source Input Sensitivity for Rated Power 750 mV
Source Input Overload 25W per channel
Power Amplifier Rated Impedance 8 Ohms
Power Amplifier Damping Factor 62+
Power Amplifier Frequency Response 20-20kHz
Power Requirements 230 VAC
Power Consumption 220 VA all channels driven to full rated power;
220VA average operating conditions;
25 VA (15) No Signal
For more information mail to : contact@m-zaes.com