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  • Published by Admin 01.jan.2019

    Advanced Features of M-ZAES® Multi Zone Audio Product and Applications

    Smart Multi Zone Audio product
    advanced Features of multi zone audio

    M-ZAES® our Multi Room Audio Product can bring high end whole house audio to your entire home. Whether you’re throwing a house party with perfectly synced music room-to-room or have different artists and playlists streaming in each zone, our multi zone audio can make this happen with in a single click.

    M-ZAES® multi zone audio product is capable of playing 2 or 5 or 8 different streams and comes as separate boxes for each or if you want more zones you can cascade any combination of these boxes. It has ondevice memory of 1TB and extendable to more space where your lifetime collection or generations of songs can be stored and accessed in any zone. Playing from any oneline leading streaming services like YouTube or RAAGA or TuneIn or ShoutCast Radios is BIG addon to it. Even you can connect the USB drive or access your collection from a NAS drive or from laptop PC. This centralized yet personal multi-zone sound product can playback as well as make announcements to all areas or zones. You can definitley enjoy a seamless listening experience by bringing the power of multi room audio into your home and enable family and guests to enjoy the any song from any room.

    A fully-scalable audio distribution system that delivers high-output audiophile sound quality to every room with reduced cabling, low power consumption, advanced DSP, and integrator-friendly setup.

    Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or just looking to add audio to your space, our Best in class M-ZAES solutions will transform your lifestyle with the music you love – from Leading streaming services, On Device 1 TB memory, PCs, mobile devices, and more – delivered to any and every room of your home, always in stunning high-fidelity.